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Two women smiling, one with smooth dry hair and the other with curly dry hair, near a car.




Be it the way you arrange your wardrobe or how you place your dinner on the table. You reveal your personality, with every action be it big or small. And this revelation is even more shown when it comes to self-care. Are you the woman who does everything perfectly, who has perfectly manicured nails, hair all done and clothes that make you look ready for a party. Or do you prefer to be serious in the way you present yourself, by choosing clothes in pastel shades, and keep your hair neatly tied back?

There are many different ways to see what makes you different from the rest. But did you ever think that even your hair care routine can speak volumes about your personality! Well, yes, it most definitely can. 

  • 1

    The Perfectionist

    If you are the kind of girl who likes to store up her hair products neatly in line, waiting to be used each night, as a daily routine, then it definitely highlights your careful nature and your attraction for all things perfect!

  • 2

    Lazy Suzy

    If you are the kind of girl who couldn’t be bothered with a line of products and in fact finds it burdensome even to have a simple hair wash, you may need to work on being less cruel, \and we don’t just mean with your hair! But on the plus side, you are the girl who has got the ‘out of bed’ messy hair perfectly!

  • 3

    The Experimenter

    If you like to rearrange your hair care routine or even go from long hair to short hair the next month just to shake things up you are definitely an experimenter. You like to try new treatments, products and hairstyles just to see what works best for your hair and your style. You an open minded and flexible girl, a quality to make sure to help you in many areas of your life besides giving you envious hair!

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    You are the kind of girl who dislikes any kind of rituals. So, for you it’s a deep conditioning treatment one day, and then not even a blow dry the next! Your hair care routine, just like you has no predictability, and can go any way depending on the way you feel. Now the real question is, does your hair really need this kind of freedom?

  • 5

    The neutralist

    While you don’t spend hours in front of the mirror, styling your hair and obsessing over it, you do know the importance of caring for your hair in order for it to look good. For you, while hair care is an important part of your daily hair care routine, it is not something you spend hours over! Our assessment, your approach is the best thing that can happen to your hair and your overall look!