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two girlfriends walking together and laughing. the wind is blowing their straight brown hair.

Our world


Hi! We'll start from the beginning - welcome to Sunsilk. This is the place to discover exactly who we are.

We provide hair products that you will enjoy exploring. We'll be honest: today, we have a wider range of possibilities than ever before. Every second is an opportunity to live life to the fullest. And we want to be beautiful when we do that, don't we? Out here, in the real world, our life is rather busy and we need our hair to be beautiful and to stay that way all the time. This is where Sunsilk comes in.

Simple, vibrant, full of colour and scents, Sunsilk stands shoulder to shoulder with us every step of the way. In a vibrant and constantly changing world, we can celebrate each challenge with protected, repaired, strong and well-groomed hair. With decades of experience in each bottle, you can count on us to hit the mark in this endeavour.