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It can be an embarrassing sight to see dandruff on your hair and clothes on that big date night or even when you are suited up to impress your bosses! And what’s more, the urge to itch your scalp at the most awkward moments can ruin it for even the most confident girls! Yes the reason is dandruff! But do you know what causes it and how easy it can be to get rid of it? Well - we’ll tell you all!

Dry skin is usually the most common reason. That - coupled with wrong food habits can worsen the problem! Here are a few tricks to stop dandruff and get a perfectly healthy head of hair.

  • 1

    Choose a mild shampoo

    Most anti-dandruff shampoos can leave your hair dry and stripped of \nits natural moisture. Using a shampoo that can treat your dandruff \nwithout damaging your hair is key. You may have to try several products \nto figure out which one suits your hair type best. Use a mild shampoo \nthat is not harsh on your hair.

  • 2

    Try home remedies

    Applying fermented curd, oiling your hair regularly and eating right \ncan solve your dandruff woes to a large extent. Reduce\nconsumption of sugary foods and yeast - and add proteins, whole grains, \nlegumes and other vegetables rich in B vitamins and zinc to your diet.

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    Natural hair is best

    Avoid colouring or streaking your hair if you suffer from a dandruff \nproblem - it will only worsen your problem. Even heat styling products \ncan add further damage, so you should try and avoid them as much as \npossible.

With these few simple steps you should be able to get rid of dandruff from your scalp and have healthy hair, everyday!