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  • Step 1: Choosing the right shampoo


    Nothing says super shiny hair like well-moisturized hair. Use a shine enhancing shampoo that is full of plenty of moisturisers and your hair will be glowing. Heat-activated shampoos and styling products will also add shine while you blow-dry. One product that you could try to add a dash of shine to your hair is Sunsilk’s Black Shine Shampoo, which has been specially co-created by world-leading hair expert Jamal Hammadi. Made with Amla Pearl Complex, this hair shampoo removes dirt and residue to reveal your hair's natural shine and gives you the healthy hair that you’ve always wanted.

  • Step 2: Keeping it healthy


    While simply brushing or combing your hair can make it look healthier and shiny, a hairstylist always recommends rinsing off your hair with cold water after washing for an extra shine.

    Another way to achieve shiny strands is to have a proper diet. You always hear about the benefits of eating right, but you never hear about the positive effects it can have on your hair. Maintaining a diet rich in oils (most importantly Vitamin E) is essential to get a shiny hair. Foods such as spinach, nuts, broccoli and fruits such as kiwi and papaya are great sources of Vitamin E.

  • Step 3: Choosing the right products


    Protein-based products are necessary for adding shine to any hairstyle and giving your hair a healthier look. You can also apply a shine-intensifying hair mask once a week to condition and add gloss to dull hair ends.

  • Step 4: Style to Shine


    Smooth and silky straight hair is the best look for shining locks. And what’s more, it’s the hot hairstyle on the catwalks at the moment! Blow-drying with the nozzle pointed down the hair shaft and finishing with a lot of cool air is the only way to style, and finishing with a mist of shine spray will make your hair shiny. Using a round brush when blow-drying will add smoothness to the hair follicle and give your strands some great light reflection.

  • Step 5: Home remedies to the rescue


    For our last tip for adding shine, you’ll need to use ingredients from your kitchen. Vinegar, strawberries and mayonnaise work well to add a natural shine. By closing the cuticles these products add an instant gloss to your hair.