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A smiling woman wearing sunglasses, her wavy black hair blowing gently in the wind.




Are you someone who wants straight hair? And are you also someone who constantly needs to use the blow dryer or the straightening iron to get the hair you desire? Are you also stressed about using heat styling tools, knowing how they can damage your hair? If you said yes to these answers, then no more stress.

We have found the perfect solution to get perfectly straight hair without using a blow dryer! How? - you ask… Well, it’s easy, and something you do already - just shampoo your hair! Now before you think it#'s impossible to get super straight hair without any styling tools, let us assure you, it is possible!

With Sunsilk’s latest innovation, the Perfect Straight range, gives you the straight hair you have always dreamed of, and keeps it healthy too! This shampoo has been created with a unique straight-lock technology, which keeps your hair straight - just the way you want it - and reduces the puffiness and the frizz that comes once it starts to dry out.

While actively controlling every strand of hair, Sunsilk Perfect Straight shampoo and conditioner keeps hair neat as it dries. The conditioner further improves this process by nourishing your hair, leaving it shiny, smooth and gorgeously straight.

Now you don’t need to sit in the salon for hours, applying strong chemicals on your hair just to achieve a straight look, all you need to do is shower, use your latest Sunsilk Perfect Straight shampoo, and watch the straight lock technology work its magic as you shampoo and condition your hair to perfect straightness, even as it starts to dry.

So, say goodbye to everyday blow drying and other time consuming processes to get that perfect straight hair. Instead, just shower and get straight hair that you will fall in love with, with every hair wash!

  • 1

    Wash it slowly

    Massage the shampoo by the roots for 20 seconds. Then apply the conditioner to the length and tips and let it act for 5 minutes.

  • 2

    Moisturising cream

    No home-made recipes: Treatment creams are best suited for returning moisture and nutrients to your hair.

  • 3

    Comb in the right direction

    Combing from the tips to the root avoids hair breakage and split ends! Fight the frizz with a long-toothed wooden comb.

  • 4

    Protect your hair whilst you sleep

    To combat unwanted frizz\, wrap your hair with a silk or satin scarf. These fabrics can also be used on your pillowcase!