Blonde model with long hair and shirt shirt to illustrate the article How to make hair grow faster.

How to make hair grow?

Tricks and care
  • Note the volume of your wires


    Loss of more than 15 threads at one time may indicate problems with hair loss. Do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist, Ok?

  • Take care of your scalp


    It determines the rate of hair growth. So wager on a weekly detox with exfoliating or refreshing shampoos!

  • Go for fortifying products


    Assets such as keratin and ginseng root are able to return proteins so that hair is more upright from root to tip.

  • Keep a balanced diet


    Proteins and vitamins are part of the makeup of your hair and therefore should part of your dish as well.

  • Protect your wires from heat


    Dryer near the root and hot water in the bath clog the hair follicles, which hinders the growth rate of the wires.