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It can be embarrassing to see white flakes on your hair and clothes at an important event or a ceremony where you have to impress! It doesn't end there! Dandruff causes such scalp itchiness that you can't help but scratch your head. It could create super awkward situations and wreck your confidence! Dandruff is to be blamed for this! But what is dandruff? And, do you know what causes dandruff and how to cure dandruff? Let us tell you how to remove dandruff for good!

Dry scalp is the most common culprit. Wrong eating habits can intensify the problem of a flaky scalp! Here are a few home remedies for dandruff treatment that can help you get a perfectly healthy head of hair.

These few simple steps help you fight dandruff off your scalp and have healthy hair everyday!

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    Choose a Gentle Shampoo

    Most anti-dandruff shampoos leave your hair dry and stripped of its natural moisture. Shampoo developed to treat dandruff without damaging your hair is essential. Use a gentle shampoo that is not harsh on your hair.

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    Try home remedies

    Applying fermented curd, oiling your hair regularly and eating well can seriously help solve your dandruff issues. Eat less sugary foods and yeast, but add to your diet proteins, whole grains, legumes and vegetables rich in B vitamins and zinc.

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    Keep it natural

    Avoid colouring your hair if you suffer from a dandruff problem. Heat styling products can add more damage to your hair and scalp, so try to avoid them as well if possible.