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After a long night of partying or a rough week at work, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Sleeping through the next day? A Massage? Or even a pedicure manicure routine? Whatever your way for relaxing might be – the key is to treat yourself – give your body the tender love and care it needs. But while you take care of yourself, don’t forget to care for the one thing that adds to your glam potion.

Your hair! After all your hair gets stressed too! But don’t worry, loving your hair won’t mean an expensive trip to the salon. With our secrets you can love and care for your hair right at home! How? - you ask… Just by shampooing and conditioning it the right way – and here are some things to remember while you take care of your hair:

  • 1

    Use the Least Amount of Shampoo Possible

    Using too much shampoo can make it hard to rinse out thoroughly, and \ncould leave a build-up on the hair that will leave it looking dull and \nlifeless, as well as causing other problems, like flaking.

  • 2

    Don’t Pile Your Hair On Top of Your Head

    Bringing your hair on top of your head will just cause tangles and \nsnarls causing more breakage. Let your hair hang straight down while \nwashing and use your hands to work the shampoo from the roots down to \nthe ends. You should use the same method when toweling your hair dry.

  • 3

    Not so hot

    Use warm water, not hot, when washing hair, as hot water strips it of its color and moisture. Finishing off your hair wash with cold water instead will leave your hair extra shiny after each shampoo.

  • 4

    Work it through

    Massage your shampoo on your head for as long as you can; it’s \ngood for the scalp. If you have thicker or longer hair or both you may \nuse more shampoo. If your hair is greasy, then shampoo twice before \napplying conditioner.

  • 5

    Use the right product

    Buy a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair and to do that you must know your hair type - whether it’s coarse or dry or thick or limp. It’s also important to recognize your problem areas, which could be hair fall, dryness or dandruff. Along with four haircare experts, Sunsilk makes life a little easier with seven specialized shampoos to suit your needs. With all these tips, we’re sure the next time you shampoo your hair, it will feel loved and well looked after. However the most important tip – love your hair, on bad hair days and on good ones. Treat it with care and see how it works its magic for you – making you look more beautiful everyday!