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Hair routine

Practical Hair Routine

Healthy Hair in 6 practical steps

Every time I reach out for my hair and feel it needs more attention, I remember the scene of Julia Roberts’ hair drenched in Mayo in “My Bestfriend’s Wedding” film.  To me, this scene is more of a nightmare.  The idea of applying something sticky or with a pungent scent is simply unreasonable and not practical.

After many years of reading and experimenting, I reached a practical and easy hair routine that both protects and nourishes the hair.


1- First: Hair beauty starts on the inside

I always thought that hair gets its needed nutrients by applying products to it externally. I discovered that the best nourishment our hair receives is in fact the food we consume. That does not mean that I will dictate that you only eat avocados and salmon, and drink watercress shake with ginger and flax seeds.

It is actually much simpler than this. Our hair needs protein, biotin, and vitamin C, which helps in collagen production, iron, and zinc, which we’ll find in eggs and fruits, such as strawberries and oranges, in addition to spinach, potatoes, nuts, and beans.  In short, all the things your mama has been begging you to eat since you were two. If we consume a varied diet that contains protein, vegetables and fruits, we will be more than fine.



2- Second: Choosing the right shampoo not only for your hair, but also for a clean and healthy scalp. The trend of not washing our hair with shampoo regularly is a big mistake, as it accumulates products, pollutants and oils on the scalp and cause dandruff. The important thing is that we choose the right type of shampoo for us, which is a trial and error kind of process. Nothing feels more refreshing -or smells better- than a good hair wash!


washing hair


3- Third: I do not expect you to do masks every week or schedule a day to soak your hair in oils and sleep in it, because this is a totally impractical solution to me.  Weekends are for outings! I found the alternative is to do a hair mask while taking my shower. Again, we will try different types of conditioners/ hair treatments that gives us the best end result.  Forget about pea size and coin size, I usually consume a generous amount of conditioner for my hair mask.  I apply a generous amount on the roots and ends, and I divide my hair into four sections and I apply more product to each part well, making sure it reached every bit of my hair and then I put my hair up and attend to my shower and wash it after 10 minutes. If my hair feels really dry, I use a small towel and soak it in hot water and squeeze it, and then wrap it around my hair while I am in the shower for ten minutes.  It helps open up the pores, and hence the hair will benefit the most from the conditioner.


hair washing routine

4- Fourth:
After hair washing, we will choose only one product to apply on our hair. Either a mix to protect the hair from heat or any serum.  If you do not have any available, use few drops of any oil on the hair tips first and then the roots to control frizziness. You can also use some conditioner and dilute it with water and put in a spray bottle.  The idea is to apply a product that will protect hair from heat, moisturize it and will make it look healthy and shiny.


hair washing

5- Fifth:
Be smart and choose a protective hairstyle.  I mean, for example, do not go for short bangs if your hair is dry and frizzy, because this means you will need to use a lot of heat to straighten it every day and every outing.  Every girl must have a great go-to style for her hair in its natural state and she should be in love with it and she should be confident enough to wear it anyplace even if it is an important occasion.


hair care

6- Sixth and last:
Mental health. Things that affect our hair most are anxiety, stress, and overthinking. Unfortunately, there is no product or food that can overcome this, but we can start with small and simple steps so we can control our way of thinking and handling issues. It is not easy to change our personalities, but the first step is our awareness of our negative feelings.  Take time to speak to yourself in exactly the same way you talk to your friend to help them overcome anxiety and preserve their mental health and thus the beauty of their hair.


hair care routine


Next time someone suggest you use castor oil or magical blend with a repellent scent to your hair, decline confidently knowing you have the best routine that accommodates your hair, personality and schedule.