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Smiling model with thick brown hair, wearing blue sunglasses and smiling as she crosses the street.

Hair fall

Tired of hair loss everywhere you turn? Say ‘No’ to hair fall and ‘Yes’ to happy days!

Our Tips for Hair Fall

  • 1

    Massage your scalp

    Use tea tree oil which is known to reduce excess oil production in hair.

  • 2

    Reduce your stress.

    Stress can cause a hormonal imbalance that may cause your oil glands to over secrete oil.

  • 3

    Be nice to your hair

    Dry your hair with a soft towel or a cotton cloth, rather than rough drying it.

Stronger hair against breaking and flaking away!

New York Dermatologist, Dr. Francesca Frusco, developed this special formula containing Soya Vitamin Complex to help revitalise your hair.

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