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Photo by the smooth-haired specialist, Yuko. She is smiling and wearing a medium fringe on her straight hair.

Our specialists

Yuko, the Master of Straight Hair

Every day without effort

While still a student, Yuko hated spending all day fighting frizz. Since then, she has developed a passion for silky, smooth hair. With a treatment for smooth hair that has spread throughout the world, she loves to help millions of girls like us keep their wires straight. Forget the extravagant and complicated hairstyles. For Yuko, the important thing is to make the day to day of your hair easy and effortless. Here are some of his best tips.

My philosophy is to combine simplicity and perfection "


Yuko's Tips

  • 1

    Refresque seu cabelo

    Wash with cold water in the bath and cool air when drying to maintain the brightness.

  • 2

    Let your hair lighter

    Apply only on the tips so your hair does not get too heavy.

  • 3

    Celebrate your hair

    Do not get bored with straight hair. Put on a tiara or try a new stuck style.

Smooth and light

Nobody wants to spend the whole morning struggling with frizz and heavy hair. Yuko believes that we can have straight hair, adorable and full of movement. Your advice? Start in the shower. Use a shampoo and conditioner for straight hair to increase hydration. When you leave the bath, do not over-wipe the towel, lightly tap the towel to dry the hair.

Yuko also says that using many products and heat treatments is not always the best way. Try to dry your hair from top to bottom at a low temperature to keep hair glossy and even brighter. And try not to use the flat iron to straighten - in the long run this will simply dehydrate your hair. And also keep a combing cream in the bag to smooth the hair easily during the day. Yuko has been working with Silk to create an incredible line of products to keep her hair smooth and full of life. With the Line Perfect Perfect your yarns are smooth and aligned without looking heavy. So your hair can dance all night!

Seda Experts: Yuko Yamashita