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Photo by Tom Taw for AL1 - Tom.

Tom, our dry hair expert


Beach buns

Nothing makes us feel freer than spending an awesome day by the sea. With sand in our toes and the water waiting to be splashed in, it’s pretty much impossible to resist grabbing the girls and spend all day soaking in the sun. Whether we’re relaxing by the sea or showing of some serious surfing skills, we need a style that can keep up. Our favourite quick fix is a speedy bun – an easy way to keep hair looking great while we’re busy enjoying the best the beach has to offer.

Hair should work for every girl. It’s all about being adventurous, without worrying about the condition of your hair.”


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    Use regular treatments at least once a week

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    PROTECT it

    Use thermal protection spray to prevent damage

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    If your hair sinks in water, there’s some damage.

Read your hair’s mind

Sometimes we don’t even notice our hair’s damaged until we head to the hairdressers. Lucky for us, Tom’s got a few simple ways to tell whether your hair’s suffering from damage. Take a strand a slide your fingers up towards the scalp If you feel a few little bumps along the way, that means that your cuticles are really porous. It’s really common for girls with coloured hair. Alternatively, take a strand of hair and place it in a bowl of water. Does it float? If it sinks, it means there’s damage.

From sun damage to tight styles, heated tools to the environment, there are so many things that can cause damage. But that doesn’t mean we have to stress about it! Tom’s worked with Seda to developed a few ranges to get our tresses back on track. His Restauração Instantânea range contains an exclusive nutri-oil complex to repair hair layer by layer, strand by strand. Finally, hair that feels like hair again!

Seda Experts: Tom Taw