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Photo of the specialist Teddy

Our Experts

Teddy Charles

Do It Big, Do It right... and do it with Style!

Teddy Charles is our Big Hair expert. He has been creating fabulous looks from the beginning of his career. With his expertise Teddy Charles co-created the Thick and Long collection for Sunsilk. All these attributes have made him an obvious choice for brands as diverse as Calvin Klein and GAP. Teddy’s creations come to life on the catwalk and translate onto the sidewalk. For every girl who wants to explore further with her hair, and with her life!

“Hair is like metal. When heated you can mould it! Then blast cool air to seal it.”


  • 1


    Well-nourished hair is hair that will reach its optimum length potential.

  • 2

    Trim regularly

    To keep your hair healthy and free from split ends

  • 3

    Use your hands

    To avoid breaking the strands, comb through your hair with your hands while blow-drying your hair