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Ouidad, the Queen of Cachos

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When it comes to curls, our specialist Ouidad knows what he is talking about. Born in Lebanon, she grew up trying to control and hide her curls at all costs before realizing that the key to solving the problem was trust. The result? The first salon only for curly hair in the exclusive New York City. Two (and soon three) salons later she has become the trusted specialist for many of the world's leading fashion magazines with a number of tips and techniques that help fight frizz and keep volume in check. Luckily, she shared some of her favorite tips.

My hope is to encourage more and more girls to feel confident with their curls. "


About Me

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    Drink lots of water and use a moisturizing conditioner.

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    Use your fingers to untangle and set your ripple pattern.

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    Avoid heat treatments

    Deixe o cabelo secar naturalmente para diminuir o dano e o frizz.

Sweep up with your curls

When it comes to curly hair, we know that some girls are tempted to hide it. Ouidad, on the contrary, believes that we should embrace our best feature and celebrate a beautiful hair full of curls. After all, once we understand our hair and know how to control it, it is easy to care. The key of Ouidad for curls? Hydration. The hydration of the curls gives them a healthy glow, minimizes frizz and allows a beautiful definition.

Although it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the curls, Ouidad argues that they are the easiest type of hair to work with. After all, you can pack it with just a couple of staples in the middle of the head. She also worked with Silk to create specially formulated products to help girls tear up their curls. The Cachos Defined line helps to control and define for those times when we want more is to show our waves.

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