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Photo of the specialist in chemically treated hair, Mauro Freire.

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Mauro, treated hair maestro

Hair with chemistry and healthy

Mauro is Brazilian, hairdresser of the stars and expert in chemically treated hair. For 10 years, he commanded the dressing rooms of the main fashion shows and Brazilian fashion publications. In 1995, it left aside the world of fashion and opened its first hall, Casa Mauro Freire. He was known as a "knife wizard" for developing the dry cutting technique with this tool. The hairdresser believes that shiny hair is no coincidence, so he decided to share with us, his tips on products and care right.

For women to feel good about themselves, you have to use the right products. Only then will the strands reflect a natural sheen "


  • 1

    Hydrate your hair

    Apply a treatment cream at least once a month for ever amazing yarn.

  • 2

    Do not fight with the volume.

    Instead of fighting your hair, invest in specific products to deal with the problem.

  • 3

    Trust your hairdresser

    Remember: Ideal hair is the result of the perfect meeting between you and your expert.

Beautiful hair to Brazilian

It is no wonder that the progressive brush is known worldwide by the name of Brazilian blowout: it was here that total smoothness gained strength and fame to spread throughout the country. But if the slick rose to the head (literally) of thousands of women, so did their side effects, among them the breakage, lack of movement, luster and hydration of the wires. As a true expert in chemically treated hair, Mauro Freire believes that the secret to beautiful, natural hair chemistry is hydration, which can be done weekly at home or once a month in the salon. At home, the treatment cream is essential, since the product is largely responsible for giving back the nutrients and strength your yarn needs. In the salon, it is worth consulting the opinion of a reliable hairdresser: only he will know which is the most recommended treatment for the needs of your hair. In addition, Mauro also recommends the use of specific products for chemically treated hair: at lower pH, hair can stay smoother longer.

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