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Jamal, the Guru of Natural IngredientsPhoto of expert on natural ingredients Jamal, smiling and wearing a black sunglasses.

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Jamal, the Guru of Natural Ingredients

All natural, baby

Having started his career in glamorous Beverly Hills, Jamal Hammadi has developed a passion for hair since he started working in the late nineties. Passionate about looks that lavish glamor and sophistication, he believes the best way to keep hair gorgeous is with natural ingredients. As he worked with a number of celebrities, he has developed amazing knowledge about what natural methods and ingredients can tackle some of our biggest hair problems.

My philosophy is to nourish the hair from the inside out naturally. "


Jamal's Tips

  • 1

    Give your hair a rest

    From time to time, let your hair breathe and do nothing on it.

  • 2

    Hydrate your hair

    Moisturize your hair deeply with natural oils such as almond oil.

  • 3

    Revigore your hair

    Revigore your hairBrush your hair every night to increase circulation in the scalp.

Botanical Supplements

We all get fed up if our hair is lifeless and dull, but Jamal says it's very easy to have naturally shiny hair. Just freshen your hair with a homemade mask: mix two tablespoons of olive oil with a ripe avocado. Then massage this cream from the roots to the tips and let it act for 20 minutes before washing your hair normally. After all, nourishing your hair means feeding it with luxurious ingredients from nature.

There are also some ingredients that we should always keep in our shopping list to ensure a brightness equal to that of the biggest stars: olive oil helps to get the frizz, argan oil is great for hydration, jojoba oil works very well as a Intensive moisturizer and coconut oil gives shine to the skin and hair. Jamal also worked with Silk to create our incredible Natural Recharge line, inspired by your love of natural ingredients - giving you a natural glow with no complications. Oba!

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