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Foto da especialista em couro cabeludo saudável Francesca para a página ALP - (Expert Listing).

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Francesca, the hair whisperer

Beach buns

Nothing makes us feel freer than spending an awesome day by the sea. With sand in our toes and the water waiting to be splashed in, it’s pretty much impossible to resist grabbing the girls and spend all day soaking in the sun. Whether we’re relaxing by the sea or showing of some serious surfing skills, we need a style that can keep up. Our favourite quick fix is a speedy bun – an easy way to keep hair looking great while we’re busy enjoying the best the beach has to offer.

Beautiful hair starts with the scalps so nourish, hydrate and take care of it.”



  • 1

    Exfoliate it

    Use the pads of your fingers to exfoliate and increase circulation to your scalp.

  • 2

    Refresh it

    Pamper your hair twice a month – don’t heat it and use a mask for most of the day.

  • 3

    Bliss out

    Stay relaxed to help diminish stress-induced hair problems.

Your new hair routine

When it comes to healthy hair, Francesca is all about creating in awesome hair routine – just like the kind you use on your skin. First, start off by cleansing with a nourishing shampoo – when you rinse alternate between warm and cool water to get the blood flowing to your scalp. The second step is to exfoliate – just rub a teaspoon of sugar into your scalp with your fingers to get rid of any dead skin. Then it’s time to tone, which means giving your hair a thorough brush to get rid of any product build up. Finally you’ll need to moisturise to lock in nourishment and keep hair feeling healthy. Give it an even bigger moisture boost by using a treatment mask. Dr Francesca has worked with Seda to create a range designed to keep your locks strong and healthy. Try her Crescimento Saudável range for hair that’s long, strong and fabulous.

Seda Experts: Francesca Fusco