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Rethink Pink

Sunsilk is on a mission to inspire and empower girls all over the world to dream bigger and be bolder. It’s time to rethink “Pink” and shatter stereotypes about girls’ and young women’s abilities by giving them the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Sunsilk is giving “Pink” a new perspective: It is strong, proud, ambitious and stands for possibilities instead of limitations; in other words, Pink is the future and it’s what we make it!


Opening up possibilities for girls everywhere

Sunsilk and “Miraa” magazine sponsored by Unilever have teamed up with VICE Media to make an impact and reach millions of girls in the Arab world through an inspirational documentary series titled “Our girls don’t”. The series showcases Arab girls coming together to push their passion forward towards a bigger ambition, beyond social conventions.

Meet young girls who are empowering their generation


-          The CaiRollers: A Roller Derby girls’ team from Egypt who defied the social belief that portrays this game as “violent” and “not suitable for girls”. The CaiRollers founded a sisterly bond, welcoming and empowering all the girls who want to give roller derby a try.

-          Carizma band: A band of young girls from Egypt and Lebanon who faced social pressure because of their passion for singing but continued to pursue their talent and grow together.  

-          Female Cyclists: Jeddah-based Eman Joharjy created a sports Abaya, empowering women to practice their outdoor hobbies and helping change the perspective of the society in this regard. Fatma Al Boshi, a member of the Saudi Cycle federation shares in her turn, her social experience as a female cyclist in KSA.

-          Female Gamers:  Nouf Abdallah and Iman Abed Al Jalil are businesswomen by day and gamers by night! While the society didn’t take them seriously as female gamers, the two girls founded a sisterly bond and empowered each other to pursue their passion with confidence.